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3 Health Benefits of Eating Green Tea

Health Benefits:

  1. Lowers Cholesterol
  2. Reduces Risk of Cancer
  3. Improves Memory

Green Tea is not just for drinking, but you can eat it as well. According to the USDA eating green tea gives you access to greater Flavanoids than brewing. There are over 13 flavanoids found in green tea inclusive of catechin and quercitin, but the most beneficial Flavanoid according to is catechin. According to the USDA, brewed green tea provides 2.55 mg/100g of catechins versus 33 mg/100g when you eat the tea leaf and 2.55 mg/100g  of quercitin when brewed versus 255.55 mg/100g when eaten. The flavanoids that are found in green tea provide the antioxidants we need to combat the oxidative stress of this world. When we provide our body the nutrients needed through food, our body can decide to absorb the nutrients that are needed and eliminate those that are not. When we take synthetic versions of nutrients our body absorbs it first and then eliminates it, if the nutrient is not needed. Synthetic versions also have fillers that may be harmful to us. You will benefit from both brewing and eating green tea, but as you can see eating green tea provides you much greater access to health benefitting flavanoids than brewing.  More information on the flavanoids in green tea can be found at Disclaimer: There are links in this post that may result in a commission if purchases are made. We research and bring you quality companies with fair prices and quality products. 

Of course the quality of the the tea leaf or powder is etremely important. Choose high quality organic types of green tea leaves that are grown and processed for consumption. Non organic tea leaves may have pesticides that can be harmful and exacerbate chronic illness. As always if you are breast feeding or pregnant, consult your doctor before adding green tea leaf consumption to your diet. Good quality products can be found at

This article is for education only. This information is not intended to replace the advise or evaluation of a healthcare provider. An evaluation is highly skilled and complex and involves an evaluation of different systems and elements to determine the best approach for each individual. Always follow the instructions of your physical therapist, nutritionist,  or physician in regards to your personal nutrional program. [ctct form=”631″]

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