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Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2018’

5 Lower Body Exercises for the Pool

Benefits of Pool Exercise: The pool offers many advantages for working out. You can choose your level of unweighting by varying the depth of water you are in. The deeper the water the lower the compression on your joints. For individuals with arthritis the recommended temperature for the water is 86 degrees. The warmth reduces joint stiffness, the buoyancy reduces …

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3 Ways to Reduce Surprise Medical Bills

Ask your provider if they are In Network with your insurance. Pay your co-pay or co-insurance each visit so it does not accumulate into a larger bill. Call your insurance company and know your benefits prior to your medical visit to determine if you have a deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance you have to pay. What questions should I ask before …

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5 Reasons to Start Exercising

5 Reasons to Start Exercising today To be able to live and experience life Reduce Cardiovascular Risk Reduce Osteoporosis Maintain a healthy weight To Reduce pain Today was a beautiful day and perfect for hitting the hiking trails. I have to confess after 10 years of working in private practice physical therapy I let life keep me from working out. …

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