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3 Best Products for Arthritic Hands

Who has Arthritis? Arthritis is a word society connects to grandparents and aging, but according to more than 21 million Americans have arthritis and 50% are under the age of 65.  Arthritis affects Americans of all ages.

What is arthritis? It is inflammation of the joints that can result in joint damage over time. It causes a dull ache and stiffness; which makes movement difficult and painful. Stiffness is worse in the morning and after sitting for long periods.

How to help joint pain and stiffness. The good news is the stiffness and pain lessens with movement. Our joints are a lot like a car engine. If a car sits for a long period the oil becomes thick and the engine seizes up and stops working. The same thing happens in our bodies. The synovial fluid in our joints becomes thick when we are sedentary. Slow methodical movement results in friction heating the synovial fluid causing the thick fluid to become thin. This allows for easier movement of our joints. So MOVEMENT is good medicine for our joints. The best part is movement is free. Most people like free medicine, so go for a walk, take a Tai Chi class, gently squeeze a ball,  or go for a Swim to improve your joint stiffness and aching.

Arthritis and loss of mobility.  In the more advanced stages of arthritis joint damage can result in decreased activity and movement. In some people arthritis is most noticeable in the hands due to the pain, stiffness, and loss of joint motion reducing grip strength. This can be frustrating and result in slowly stopping activities, such as cooking. Opening jars, cutting meat, and chopping vegetables can be challenging.  As activity reduces, there is less movement; which results in more joint stiffness and aching. This can be a vicious cycle. There is adaptive equipment that is ergonomically designed to protect your joints and  keep you performing activities you enjoy.   The Wright Stuff  Home Healthcare Products has a multitude of products to assist individuals with arthritis and disabilities. Based on the consumer reviews I have created my top 3 adapted products list. (Our affiliate link is provided for you for convenience and may result in us earning a commission at no increased cost to you.)

 My Top 3 adaptive product picks:

  1. Vertical Grip Professional Helper Knife
  2. Un-Skru Jar Opener
  3. Easy-Grip Loop Handle Scissors

Click on the Wright Stuff Home Healthcare Products to explore more products that can keep cooking, gardening, and other activities in your life. Remember, movement is medicine, so keep moving.

This article is for education only. This information is not intended to replace the advise or evaluation of a healthcare provider. An evaluation is highly skilled and complex and involves an evaluation of different systems and elements to determine the best approach for each individual. Always follow the instructions of your physical therapist or physician in regards to your personal exercise program. 

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