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Fitness and Technology

 If you are wondering if a fit bit, I watch, pedometer, heart monitor or any other type of technology can assist in tracking a healthy lifestyle, then I hope this post will offer you some insight.

If you are like me you are a little skeptical and slow to accept new trends. As the weather improves I am increasing my activity and starting to use the activity feature on my I watch. I obtained my apple I watch to assist with managing a hectic lifestyle of traveling, business ownership, and being accessible to my loved ones. It is great when navigating an airport with luggage in toe to be able to answer a message simply by speaking into your watch. As I learned more about my watch, I started using the activity aspect of the watch more than I thought I would. On office days I get a little tap to remind me to stand, I can see that my calorie burn and step count are low; which motivates me to take the dog for a walk after dinner. On airport days I high five myself for exceeding 10, 000 steps.  The I watch can also act as a Heart Rate monitor and with the help of your I phone you can track your calorie intake and your weight loss goals. I get a medal on days that I exceed my goals. Yes, Words of affirmation is my love language even from inanimate objects. The bottom line is -Even as a physical therapist with knowledge in calories and exercise- it
was very eye opening to see my activity level and very motivating to track and achieve my goals.

The best part is you:

  • set your own goals
  • make your goals attainable
  • and make them fit your life

Now Get out and Enjoy Life!! #Movementismedicine!