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Chronic Pain: No Opioids Please

I know many of you have been living with Chronic pain for many years and have worked hard to not take Opiates to manage your pain. The latest news regarding the Opioid epidemic is supporting your decision to not go down that road, but you still find yourself in a loop of chronic pain. You have been told the pain is in your head, but you live in your body and know that you experience 10/10 pain or greater on a daily basis. People tell you “You have a low pain tolerance. Its all in your head. You just need to exercise more.” and more.

The truth is: if you have experienced pain for more than 3 months, you have chronic pain. What happens over time is that your brain begins to change and makes it easier for your body to produce pain even with a light touch. The pain is real, but does not match the input. Pain is supposed to be released as a flight or fight mechanism in response to input that causes harm or tissue damage. In a chronic pain loop the weight of a hair on a nerve can cause pain and a protective inflammatory response.
If you have found yourself in a chronic pain loop you can exit the loop. It does take patience and persistence, but it is achievable. The first step is to break the chronic pain loop. This can be achieved with:

  • Meditative Prayer
  • Alpha Stimulation
  • Myofascial Release
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Low Level Laser Therapy

Just to name a few. A qualified professional with experience in treating chronic pain can assist in evaluating you and helping you to determine the right treatment path for you. Treating chronic pain is a multitiered approach that must be customized to each person. Remember chronic pain is something you have and it can be treated.