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3 Best Products for Arthritic Hands

Who has Arthritis? Arthritis is a word society connects to grandparents and aging, but according to more than 21 million Americans have arthritis and 50% are under the age of 65.  Arthritis affects Americans of all ages. What is arthritis? It is inflammation of the joints that can result in joint damage over time. It causes a dull ache …

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Chronic Pain: Question and Answer: Part Three: Final

Disclaimer: There are items in this post if you purchase Lifestyle Physical Therapy, LLC will receive a commission at no increase cost to you.  If I am feeling pain and my tissues are not damaged, why do I have pain? You are stuck in what we call a chronic pain loop. Did my chronic pain loop just happen or did …

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Chronic Pain: Question and Answer Part Two

From our last post you now know that pain comes from the brain. I know this is confusing, but it is best if you see pain more as an experience or a signal from the brain. What is the brain trying to tell you? The brain wants to alert and protect you from harm. A pain response can induce fear …

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Chronic Pain: Question and Answer

Chronic Pain and Opioids are a big part of the news today. Are you confused about what chronic pain is? Can someone with chronic pain become pain free without Opioids? Answer to these questions will come in parts. Part One: What is Chronic pain? Chronic pain is any pain that has been experienced for greater than 3 months Does my …

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Chronic Pain: No Opioids Please

I know many of you have been living with Chronic pain for many years and have worked hard to not take Opiates to manage your pain. The latest news regarding the Opioid epidemic is supporting your decision to not go down that road, but you still find yourself in a loop of chronic pain. You have been told the pain …

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